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About Blake

Blake De bruin, Owner & Director of Samford Pet Resort, CEO of Coda Associates / Pet Tech Pro, CEO of De Bruin Enterprise and CEO of De Bruin Property Group. He has great expertise within but not limited to the pet industry, Software design and management and Property / Property and business Sales.

Additionally Blake directs/owns an Australian owned resort management software company and runs pet industry business and resort management consulting. Blake has also sat as the vice president for the Association of boarding and grooming and also in 2014 Director of Boarding and Grooming for Pet Industry Association of Australia of which he sat for 3 years. During the 3 year term on the board of PIAA he was also elected as Vice President of the association. After working in real estate, Blake put his real estate career on hold in order to run his family owned pet resort business which has been in the family for over 27 years. Within 12 months of managing the pet resort, due to introducing new business structures and influencing the image of the company, Blake saw an increase in the reputation. All of Blake’s work paid off when the pet resort won the business achievers awards for 7 years, and on top of that won the award for best boarding service within Australia 3 years running along with many more. Taking the business to new heights he attracted TV and radio media. Introducing never seen before concepts within the boarding industry, Blake’s program brought a profession image, greater service and allowed for better time management within the resorts who use his software. This company has now grown, offering a wide range of services including, IT support, graphic design, software programming and pet resort business consulting and coaching. During the time in which he was away from the real estate industry, Blake’s passion for selling has always been strong. Holding his full Real Estate License and obtaining his Real Estate registration in 2005, Blake is always looking at Property and investments.

QUAL – (Diploma: Business Management – Real Estate Sales & Management – Front line Management IV) – Supervisors Training (AIRC) – Identify & Respond to animal behavior (AIRC) –  Senior Occupational First Aid – Dive Master – Justice of the Peace Qual QLD – SLSQ Bronze Medallion holder.


Real Estate, Business Broker, Pet industries, Scuba Diving, Boats, Computer and IT, software


“I am pleased to provide this recommendation for Blake De Bruin who over the years has been both a trusted business associate and client.

In both roles Blake has always proven himself to be a consummate professional, honest and diligent in all his actions and undertakings and a partner who can be trusted to fulfill all of their obligations and undertakings.

I recommend Blake highly to any person or enterprise that may be considering doing business or working with him.

Rob Phelan
Principal, Flip Interactive & Ascent Hosting
Partner, Pet Tech Pro” July 14, 2011

Robert Phelan, Principal, Flip Interactive
worked directly with Blake at Pet Tech Pro


“I have known Blake for approx 4 years and worked for one of his companies for 2 of those years.

Blake is extremely organized and usually has more than one idea in operation at a time. I have found his ideas and structure, though incredibly busy, to be industry relevant and successful in operation in each case.

With a diverse portfolio of industry experience, Blake has been able to extend his expertise to encompass any area of interest and use this knowledge to assist his team achieve and extend upon their goals.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Blake – both in business and personally. I would consider Blake’s ability to set a goal and achieve above expectations as one of his best attributes.

I look forward to being able to work with Blake again in the future.” August 1, 2011

Juanita Carron, Office Manager, Contract Control International
worked indirectly for Blake at Samford Pet Resort


“I have known Blake DeBruin for several years and highly recommend his services to any potential clients. He is an honest, reliable and ethical person who strives for a high level of customer satisfaction. He has an entrepreneurial and innovative approach to business. He is always on the lookout for new ideas and methods. He owns and operates several successful businesses which are a testament to his attitude and approach to business.” July 25, 2011

Michael Benstead, Owner, Tecnet Solutions
was with another company when working with Blake at Samford Pet Resort


“I have worked with Blake, as a business and training consultant to his organization, since 2007. Blake’s professionalism, drive and passion for his work is unique. He is a pleasure to work with and I have personally seen him drive through many of the initiatives we have work on together. He has an excellent understanding of business principles and what it takes to create success in business. He will be an asset to any organisation that engages his services.” July 21, 2011

Rosemary Overfield, Client Development Manager – Crampton Consulting Group, Provet Holdings Limited
was a consultant or contractor to Blake at Samford Pet Resort


“It is rare to find someone in business who is honest and can be trusted. Blake is such a person, and you can be assured he will work diligently for you to produce the best possible result..” July 18, 2011

Top qualities: Personable, High Integrity, Creative

Earle Bridger
hired Blake as a Real Estate Agent in 2010